Dimension measurement

Dimensional measurement is used in a variety of industries, such as metal product processing size measurement, semiconductor wafer measurement and inspection, as well as mechanism design, needle adjustment and measurement of probe card needle adjustment machine, semiconductor back-end packaging test gold wire, Solder ball measurement, large-size products and large stroke measurement, such as panels, PCB boards, laser products and other related applications.

Metallographic analysis

The digital metallographic analysis software system uses artificial intelligence to analyze and improve the accuracy of various material analysis and determination, and is based on the principle of easy use and simple output to reduce the burden on testing personnel. It is currently widely used in various industries, such as fasteners Spheroidization analysis of disk elements, quenching analysis of steel parts after heat treatment in the slider industry, analysis of grain number analysis of semiconductor target alloy materials, analysis of inclusions and cleanliness.

3D microscope image

The two-in-one "white light interference + conjugation" can obtain 3D microstructure images in different ways according to different reflectivity and materials of the product. Its applications include bioengineering, semiconductor research and development applications, semiconductor testing, thin film structure analysis, optics, etc. Observation and type analysis of small 3D images such as lens surface roughness measurement and copper foil substrate roughness measurement.

semiconductor industry


The semiconductor industry chain is divided into upstream, midstream, and downstream. [Upstream] includes IP design and IC design; [Midstream] includes IC manufacturing, wafer manufacturing, related production process testing equipment, masks, chemicals, etc.; [Downstream] includes Including IC packaging testing, related production process testing equipment, components, IC modules and channels, etc., representing customers such as MediaTek, TSMC, Micron, Powertech, Chipbond, and ASE.

metal industry

Metal industry

The metal refining industry is one of the most important heavy industries. For example, the steel, aluminum alloy, and copper materials that are needed in daily life. The toughness, ductility, processability, and thermal conductivity of these metals make them occupy an important position in related applications. Important position, related industries such as fasteners, screws and nuts, bicycles, automobile industry, linear slide sliders, hand tool industry, alloy targets, copper products, etc.

Electronics, Netcom components


Electronic components are the basis for the development of the electronics industry and can be mainly divided into passive components (Passive Components), light-emitting diodes (LEDs),Printed Circuit Board (PCB),Connecting components (Connection Component) and energy components (Energy Component) and other five categories. For passive components, about 60% of the global market demand is mainly produced by TDK, Murata, Chemicon, Taiyo Yude, and Panasonic.

Academic Research

Academic Research

The development trend of the global manufacturing industry has shifted from centralized mass production to market demand for customization and rapid product development, which in turn drives the development of the smart machinery industry. The development trend of intelligence and the demand for key technologies urgently require the improvement of the implementation and application capabilities of relevant professionals. Therefore, the company cooperates with many research institutions to provide the equipment required for relevant research, thereby enhancing industrial competitiveness and promoting The domestic industry is developing towards smart machines.