Luminance meter


The main application of BM-7A is the evaluation of optical characteristics related to FPD, and the measurement of luminance, chromaticity and color temperature of various light sources such as lamp tubes.

Luminance accuracy can be within ±2%

0.5 second high-speed measurement speed

Built-in interface, equipped with USB connection interface


The uniformity characteristics of the FPD module, the uniformity evaluation of the backlight and the front light, the uniformity evaluation of the illumination light emission, and the timing evaluation of the short-term changing light source.

Through optimized assay processing

TOPCON's unique correction technology

Product small and lightweight design


This product is a lightweight handheld luminance meter. The measuring head can choose three different measurement angles, which is widely used, and the measuring head can be separated from the main body.

Portable, Low Price, Versatile

3 different probes can be selected and replaced

Correction coefficient, deviation measurement and other functions


The SR series spectrophotometer is suitable for measuring spectral distribution, luminance, chromaticity, and correlated color temperature of light emitted by display devices, automotive interiors, and lamps.

Suitable for direct measurement of ultra-high intensity LED lamps

High Accuracy Luminance and Colorimetric Measurements

High-precision flash measurement

Application field

application areas

Displays: tablet computers, computer screens, electronic billboards, mobile phone panels, LCD TVs, flexible panels

Automotive devices: dashboards, indicator lights, lights and headlights, touch panels, car TVs, head-up displays

Lighting devices: light-emitting diodes, organic light-emitting diodes, fluorescent lamps, fluorescent lamps, LED lamps, special wavelengths

International Certification

International Certification

For the traceability of the determination, the measuring instruments used must accept the calibration of the national standard. In Japan, in order to allow the national standard calibration to operate in an organized manner, a standard supply system was established under the Metrology Act. This system is called the Metrology Calibration Service Accreditation System (JCSS), which is an important basis for the certification of calibration and calibration companies linked to national standards.

Technical core:

Japan's TOPCON photoelectric luminance meter is a well-known brand in the world, and it is designated for use by major international manufacturers. The high quality of the product has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.