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Conflict-Free Minerals Policy

Company statement: In conflict-affected areas and high-risk areas, metal mining and trade have led to many social and environmental problems, including human rights violations and armed violence, triggering international controversy. Such metal minerals are tantalum (Tantalum, Ta), tin (Tin, Sn), tungsten (T

Metallographic analysis solutions-color metallography

In metallographic analysis, special microscope optical observation methods are used to observe colorful metallographic structures. Analyze and observe the metallographic grains (GRAIN) of aluminum alloy materials. After electrolytic etching and polishing, different colors The results can help determine the proportion of alloy components on metallographic grains.

The latest list of second-hand microscopes in December 2023

There are many microscopes in our company, and both new and second-hand products are on sale. Welcome to visit our company for testing. The second-hand microscopes sold by our company have a warranty, and each microscope is already in a finished state. Download the second-hand list link:

Customer testimonials

Thank you to every customer for their trust and feedback on using our products. The transaction is not the end, but the beginning of another period. We will serve customers who believe in us well so that every customer can feel at ease after purchasing.

New product - precision transmission parts, professional manufacturing and service

Yilong Technology Co., Ltd. customizes design and manufacture of precision module components according to customer needs. Precision transmission parts, professional manufacturing and service. For more details, please visit:  

Sustainable purchasing policy

We uphold our social responsibilities, aim to reduce pollution caused by products, services and activities, establish a better and safer working environment, comply with local safety, health and environmental regulations, and continue to pay attention to international safety, health and Environmental issues. Promote occupational safety, health and environmental management systems