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The world is changing more and more quickly, the division of labor in industries is becoming more refined, and technology is changing with each passing day, changing the appearance of our lives all the time. The pace of technological innovation is also accelerating, and competition is fierce. Taiwan's manufacturing and foundry has a solid foundation, and the quality requirements for precision workpieces are our advantages. I believe that through the assistance of various precision instruments, the product quality will be more stable and excellent. Our company provides various precision instruments, The purpose is to develop a variety of customized testing instruments and equipment, and we look forward to creating a win-win situation with our customers.

Provide professional technology with a positive, careful and honest attitude

Plan and provide tailor-made equipment for customers' needs. In addition to providing customized testing equipment, we also have complete product equipment for client testing.

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About Jie Yongxing

Close to the customer's problem is the direction of our service.

Our partners have been focusing on the development of Taiwan's industry for many years, serving industries such as semiconductor testing, optoelectronic products, metal products, printed circuit boards, and Internet communication industries.

Examples of industrial solutions: automatic IC gold wire solder ball height measurement, production line machine image system transformation and improvement, photoelectric luminance measurement system planning, precision machining dimension measurement, PCB slice analysis system planning, red ink testing analysis.

Metal material analysis is also one of our professional projects, such as: GRAIN SIZE grain number analysis, cast iron spheroidization rate calculation, disk element spheroidization analysis, steel carburizing quenching and induction quenching metallographic analysis, automatic decarburization layer thickness Calculation, residual wast iron calculation, tempered Matian loose iron and sorbite detection, intermediary analysis,

In recent years, we have been more committed to system integration, such as 3D microscopic imaging combined with white light interference for scanning analysis, with fully automatic XY platform or customized table size required by customers, all of which are our service items

Sales of various testing equipment

Our company also sells various testing instruments and equipment, acts as an agent for imported instruments and equipment from various countries, and develops a variety of customized testing solutions by ourselves, with the purpose of professional technology and customer-oriented service.

Business locations all over Taiwan

The company also has complete product equipment to provide client testing, and has established service bases in Taipei, Taichung, Hsinchu, and Kaohsiung.

Integrity and sincerity is the principle

The company takes service first as its purpose and honesty and sincerity as its principle. Only these two principles can implement the concept of sustainable management.