Sustainable purchasing policy

We uphold our social responsibilities and aim to reduce pollution caused by products, services and activities, and establish a better and safer working environment.

  1. Comply with local safety, health and environmental protection regulations, and continue to pay attention to international safety, health and environmental protection issues.
  2. Promote occupational safety, health and environmental management systems, implement relevant risk assessments, review improvement results, and improve management performance.
  3. Actively improve the manufacturing process, control pollution sources, promote waste reduction and energy conservation in the manufacturing process, and reduce the impact and risks on the environment.
  4. Implement safety, health and environmental protection education, establish employee prevention concepts, and avoid disasters and pollution.
  5. Establish a safe and healthy workplace environment, implement health management and promotion activities, and improve the physical and mental health of colleagues.
  6. Support employees to consult and participate in safety, health, environmental protection and other related issues, encourage all employees to explore hazards, risks and improvement opportunities, and receive appropriate responses and protection.
  7. Establish good communication with suppliers, outsourcers and other stakeholders, and communicate company policies to achieve sustainable operations.