MX200-8 inch wafer microscope

8*8 inch large stroke mobile stage

Industrial grade high power microscope

Suitable for 6″8″ wafer observation or panel inspection

Optional transmitted light or wafer rotating disk


Features: Infinite light path system, can switch lighting between penetrating light and epi-light

8*8-inch large-travel stage, suitable for 6″ 8″ wafer inspection or small-size panel and PCB board appearance inspection

Functions of each part of the optical path:

Rotating (yellow, green, blue, white) four-color filters, rotating field diaphragm, aperture diaphragm, polarizing pull rod, and flat-pull 360-degree rotating polarizer.

Equipped with infinity optical correction objective lens, the minimum resolution can reach 0.37um

An external camera + measurement software can be connected to take pictures and measure. A variety of high-resolution cameras are available for selection



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