EPI6300 USB3.0 digital CCD

The camera system uses Sony Exmor, Exmor R, Exmor RS back-illuminated CMOS sensors. The EXmor series CMOS sensors use double-layer noise reduction technology, with ultra-high sensitivity and ultra-low noise.


E3ISPM series cameras integrate a 12-bit ultra-fine hardware image signal processor video streaming engine (Ultra-fine HISPVP), through which HISPVP can realize hardware Demosaic, adjustment, automatic exposure, gain adjustment, one-click white balance, image color Product adjustment, saturation adjustment, gamma correction, brightness adjustment, contrast adjustment, Bayer format image conversion to RAW data for final 8/12bit output. HISPVP transfers the traditional processing that should be done by the computer CPU to hardware processing, greatly improving Camera transmission speed reduces CPU usage

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