SBI45 Stereo Microscope

Standard magnification: 7X~45X; optional auxiliary objective lens, magnification: 3.5X~180X
Extra long effective working distance creates enough space for use
Ergonomic structural design, long-term use without fatigue, convenient and comfortable operation.


The picture shows the basic standard style

SBI45 binocular stereo microscope, binocular observation

SBI45TR three-eye stereo microscope, binocular observation, can also be connected to a camera for external observation


A universal bracket can be optionally used as an observation method, which is suitable for appearance and surface inspection of large workpieces.


Optional integrated screen cameraLong-term observers do not need to focus on the eyepiece all the timeDirect observation of the screen reduces operator fatigue

Also equipped with fiber optic light source and XY moving stage for observation



Welcome to call us for various combinations. We can also choose the matching for you.


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