Embedded mold cup

Cold embedded mold cup:

Various room temperature inlaid molds, round, square, various sizes

Very good compatibility with various cold embedding resins and epoxy resins

Suitable for PCB board slicing and embedding, copper foil substrate embedding and chip plating embedding



Room temperature embedded mold cup

Colorless and transparent, the end point of the sample can be clearly identified during the grinding process;
It has very good compatibility with various cold embedding resins and crystal glue;
The experimental operation is simple, just pour the sample and cured resin or epoxy resin glue into the model and solidify them into one;
The grinding performance is good, which can ensure the authenticity of sample specimens and facilitate in-depth scientific analysis of specimens. The product specifications are diverse, including single grid type, multi grid type, groove type, square type, round outside sample and square inside, etc.


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