With 10x eyepiece, the total optical magnification is 50x-1000x

Excellent objective lens analysis, the minimum resolution can reach 0.37um

Can be flexibly expanded and modularized to match different observation methods

Suitable for observation of microstructure of various materials


Observation method matching

 Various observation methods can be applied to the analysis of different material structures


      Dark field differential interference polarized light


Lighting system


 Using high-brightness LED light source, compared with traditional halogen lighting

 It can more fully present the color saturation of the image.

Halogen lamp →

LED light →

Modular expansion of large objects

 You can also choose the body heightening module for observation of larger objects.

 It can save the time procedure of slice making and speed up the observation time.

Modular design applied to other devices

Flexible module design allows the lens module to be mounted on other mechanisms

Different modules can be controlled manually or fully automatically.

Client performance

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