The NIKON LV150 ECLIPSE microscope body has been modularized to meet various application fields of industrial microscopes

Including semiconductor devices, packaging, FPD, electronic components, materials and precision molds.

The brand of a major Japanese optical manufacturer has been widely used in various industries and has excellent quality assurance results.


The ECLIPSE LV series has accessories that can be selected to match the observation method according to the observation method and meet various observation methods

Light source projection methods; dedicated reflected lighting and combined reflected/transmitted lighting classes to meet any application.


Various stages, the stage can be selected according to the product size and observation range.


Various lens options:

Nikon CFI60 optical system is highly praised for its unique concept of high NA value and long working distance

Further evolution has achieved the advantages of long working distance, chromatic aberration correction and lightweight.

Helps you get clear and clear images when observing

It can also be used with our best-selling 4K high-pixel microscope camera to take photos and archive them.


Actual shooting effect



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