Thick and heavy body can handle environmental vibrations

And can smoothly obtain clear images

There is no limit on sample height, and test pieces can be cut instantly for observation.

Inverted observation method solves the problem of uneven grinding


Paired with the original OLYMPUS original stage,Differences from upright metallographic microscopes 

Inverted metallographic microscopes have no limit on sample height.No need to worry about loading and unloading issues.


Observation and comparison of glass scratches

A variety of metallographic scribes can be added for comparison.Such as GRAIN SIZE grain number comparison.

The specifications of the scribing sheet are in accordance with ASTM E112, JIS G0551, ISO634


stage observation mirror

Installed between the stage and objective lens, it makes it easier toAdjust the observation purpose and target magnification.

Also helps prevent collisions between target and sample.

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