Large stroke image measuring instrument

Large stroke fully automatic image measuring instrument

The measurement stroke range is from 600mm to 1500mm.

High-resolution optical scale 0.5um display

Get rid of the analytical deficiencies of traditional analog cameras

Measurement using digital high-resolution cameras




Large stroke fully automatic image measurement


Organization description:

1. MIT image measuring instrument made in Taiwan

2. Precision grade granite mechanism

3.Gantry three-axis mechanism, XYZ three axes are driven by Panasonic servo motors

4. Adopt grinding grade crossed roller linear guide

5. XY movement measurement accuracy ±0.003mm

6. Measurement repeatability accuracy ±0.001mm

Light source matching:

<Image measurement>The definition of is very simple, as long as"If you can see it, you can measure it.""

The lighting of the light source system is also a very important part! ! !

Lighting system:

  1. LED multi-segment surface ring light
  2. LED point coaxial light
  3. Telecentric LED backlight (green light)
  4. RENISHAW simple probe (optional)
  5. Laser indication point search (macroscopic search for measurement position)


Optical lens:

Standard with continuous zoom telecentric lens 0.7-4.5X (optional manual lens)

The total magnification can reach 23X-148X, FOV: 11.1-1.7mm

It can be equipped with a metallographic objective lens to increase the magnification and observe smaller structural measurements.

Operation interface:

Movement direction control and light source settings can be intuitively selected and recorded in template writing

Measuring element functions:

Various measurement elements can be clicked to operate.

Operate the drawing area display, observe the measurement data in real time, and can export and save CAD files

You can also import CAD files for comparison

Data report export, multiple built-in report types can be selected and used

You can also customize the report export format

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