BX7050 Metallographic Microscope

. Eyepiece magnification: super wide-angle high eye point WF 10x/22 (standard configuration). Objective lens: 5x, 10x, 20x, 50x (100X optional) […]

MX200-8 inch wafer microscope

8*8-inch large-stroke mobile stage industrial-grade high-power microscope suitable for 6″8″ wafer observation or panel inspection. Optional throughput […]

MX150-6 inch Metallographic Microscope

Bright field and dark field switching observation standard normal phase three-eye head five-hole nose wheel with DIC socket quick push 6*6 inch mobile stage


Equipped with a 10x eyepiece, the total optical magnification is 50x-1000x. Excellent objective lens resolution, the minimum resolution can reach 0.37um. It can be flexibly expanded and modularized, […]


Large-stroke tabletop microscope, fully electric lens switching, electric aperture illumination for observation, with penetrating light and reflected light, the industry's only ultra-wide-angle 26.5mm field of view eyepiece […]


The thick and heavy body can cope with environmental vibrations and smoothly obtain clear images. There is no limit on the height of the sample, and the test piece can be cut instantly for observation. The inverted observation method […]


The NIKON LV150 ECLIPSE microscope body has been modularized to meet various application areas of industrial microscopes including semiconductor devices, sealing […]